Poetry Challenge for 2019

I’ve decided to stretch myself this year by forcing myself to write one poem from each of a list of traditional poetic forms. I’m not comitting myself to a certain timeframe for these, as some are far more challenging than others.

For each post, I’ll provide a short introduction to the poetric form, along with a characteristic example from a great poet. Then, I’ll offer up my own attempt tat the form.

These attempts won’t necessarily be the most polished of my writings, but I’ll do my best to only post poems I think are at least slightly worth your time.

It’s going to be tough, but I can’t really call myself a poet if I don’t work through these classic forms.

If you’re a crazy person and want to write along with me, please do! You can leave your poems in the comments section of each poetry challenge post. Below, you’ll find the list of forms, in order, that I’ll be attempting. At the end of each poetry challenge posting, I’ll preview the poetic form for the next challenge, including information about structure, meter, rhyme scheme, and content.

So, here we go!

2019 Poetry Challenge List

  1. English/Shakespearean Sonnet
  2. Triolet
  3. Villanelle
  4. Haiku
  5. Lai
  6. Ballad
  7. Ghazal
  8. Limerick
  9. Ode
  10. Prose Poem
  11. Rhyme Royal
  12. Acrostic
  13. Rubaiyat
  14. Sestina
  15. Rondel
  16. Aubade
  17. Ballade
  18. Skeltonic Verse
  19. The Bop
  20. Concrete
  21. Curtal Sonnet
  22. Elegy
  23. Found/Blackout
  24. Luc Bat
  25. Renga
  26. Rondelet
  27. Rhopalic Verse
  28. Petrarchan Sonnet
  29. Ottava Rima
  30. Pathya Vat
  31. Clerihew
  32. Canzonetta
  33. Roundelay
  34. Tanka
  35. Terzanelle
  36. Cinquain
  37. Glosa
  38. Nonet
  39. Palindrome
  40. Cento

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